Kalpana Chawla’s Last Call With India From Space Will Remind You Of Her Bravery And Sacrifice

Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian-born woman to fly into space. She was only the second Indian after Rakesh Sharma to become an astronaut. She inspired a whole generation of girls in both India and the USA.

It is little known that during her stay aboard the ISS, she had actually spoken to the then Indian PM, I K Gujral and they had a long and enlightening conversation. The Prime Minister conveyed to Kalpana that she has made India proud and the two of them exchanged many pleasantries.

Now that Kalpana Chawla is no more with us, let this video, uploaded by Kisna Royal, remind us how cheerful and humble she sounded even when she was orbiting hundreds of kilometers above planet Earth.

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