What’s Causing Your Bad Breath? Get Answers Here!

Bad breath is an unpleasant and embarrassing phenomenon. It can be caused by a number of factors, including food or drink that hasn’t been sufficiently digested, mouth bacteria becoming overgrown, or even a medical condition. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of bad breath so that you can identify what’s causing your symptoms.

Morning breath

Morning breath is the most common cause of bad breath. It’s caused by bacteria growing in your mouth overnight, so brushing your teeth and flossing before bed will help get rid of it. But if you are still waking up with morning breath, then there may be something else going on!

Eating food that was left in your mouth overnight can also cause morning breath: A study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry found that 60% of patients had bacterial growth on their upper dentition (front teeth) after eating something that had been left there overnight.

This could include things like popcorn or a piece of fruit that has been chewed without being cleaned properly first—both items can lead to plaque buildup around their seeds and pits over time.*

Food and drink

Garlic, onion, and spices. Foods like garlic, onions, and spices will cause bad breath for a few hours after eating them.

Alcoholic beverages. Drinking too much alcohol can cause dry mouth which leads to bad breath. This is because alcohol dries out the mucous membranes of your mouth, making it harder for food particles and bacteria to stick onto them – thus leading to bad breath!

Smoking cigarettes or cigars can also lead to dry mouth due to their smoke content being very dry on your mouth’s surface area (which includes gums). This causes more irritation than usual giving rise to bad breath symptoms such as gum disease or recessional bone loss in the jaw bone due to lack of calcium intake through diet alone.”


Bacteria is the main cause of bad breath. If you brush your teeth regularly and floss, bacteria can be reduced in the short term. Mouthwash has also been proven to help reduce bacteria in the short term as well.

Bad breath is not caused by bacteria; it’s actually caused by a breakdown of proteins that occurs when we eat certain foods or drink alcohol (or both).

Dry mouth

A dry mouth is the most common reason for bad breath. You can have a dry mouth caused by dehydration or medication, but you can also treat it with water. If your doctor has prescribed a medication that causes dry mouth and you’re having trouble swallowing pills or chewing gum, contact them about changing the medications to ones that don’t cause this symptom.

Tobacco use

Tobacco use is a major cause of bad breath and can be difficult to stop. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and snuffing are all ways that people use tobacco.

The smoke from cigarettes and cigars has been shown to cause halitosis (bad breath) in some people. It’s also important to note that smoking increases your risk for oral cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease, and stroke by more than 50%.

Smoking can also cause other health issues such as tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, or periodontitis which affect the gums around your teeth; these diseases contribute significantly to poor oral hygiene habits like not brushing enough often enough or using toothpaste with too much fluoride which makes it harder for bacteria on your tongue to dissolve plaque buildup on teeth causing tartar build-up around teeth when they are exposed due to lack of flossing regularly throughout life since childhood years which leads us right back again –

if left untreated long enough – into another cycle where similar problems occur over time until eventually we’re at our wit’s end trying everything possible including seeing doctors who specialize in treating illnesses caused by poor dental hygiene practices but there still may not be any permanent solution until someone finds out why they keep getting sicker each time they visit their dentist…

Medical conditions

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer (thyroid, liver, etc)
  • Radiation therapy

Bad Breath can present itself in many forms, but the good news is that it can be treated.

If you’re experiencing bad breath, there are several things that can cause it. One of the most common reasons for bad breath is running or exercise-induced gingivitis.

This is a type of inflammation in your mouth that can cause a burning sensation when you eat and drink. Other causes include:

  • Smokers who have been smoking for a long time
  • People with chronic gum disease (gingivitis)


We hope that this article has helped you to better understand what causes bad breath and how to treat it. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you!

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