What Some Mothers Are Willing to Do to Create the Perfect Life for Their Kids

Sometimes moms are depicted to be too loving and caring in movies. Such women sacrifice themselves for the sake of their family on a daily basis and don’t deprive themselves of the pleasure of reminding their loved ones that they did so.

Looking at famous moms, we at The Elite Indian figured out how far some women will go in order to raise their idea of the perfect kid.

Kate Siegel and her famous mother who sends her daughter 100 texts daily

According to Kate, mothers are willing to use any tricks to get a desired outcome. In her book, the girl says that her mom was fixated on her well-being when she was in the womb. For all 9 months, her mother refused to use deodorant (which contains aluminum) and read Shakespeare’s plays for 1 hour every day for better development of the fetus.

Once, Kate’s mother got a false passport for the then 12-year-old Kate so that she could get into a super prestigious sports camp where only children at least 16 years old were accepted.

In her Instagram account, Kate still publishes texts from her mom that cause a whirlwind of emotions among followers. We published some of them in the bonus section of this article so that you can fully enjoy this unique humor.

Sarah Cottrell doesn’t feel ashamed of protecting her kid by all available means, including complaints.

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SUNDAY CHECK IN 🌟✨⚡️ • I finally learned to enjoy black coffee and this morning as a treat, I tried cream in my coffee the way I used to drink it and I gagged. • I’m not going crazy with cardio or workouts. Learning how to eat right for my body is a lot more challenging than I expected but I’m actually losing pounds and, more importantly, I’m feeling healthy for the first time in years. • Not drinking alcohol has made a giant difference in my ability to sleep soundly and I love it. • YOUR TURN! Share your achievements and lessons, let’s root for each other! • @housewifeplus #weightlossjourney #soberliving #fitnessmom #ittakesavillage #momlife #mombod #momsquad #momsofinstagram

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The American woman Sarah Cottrell publicly refers to herself as an over-protective mother and doesn’t feel ashamed about it. When she started her journey into parenthood, she believed she would be one of those polite women with a well-groomed, sweet child nearby and all those stories about kids having tantrums in stores with shouting moms would never be a real issue.

However, real life turned out to be a bit different. Now Sarah doesn’t care what others think about her and admits, “When my oldest son comes home from school crying because the bigger kids on the bus were taunting the younger kids, then guess what — I’m the mom who calls the bus company and gives them the 411.”

Moreover, Sarah’s kids are not allowed to play with toys that look like real weapons like guns, pistols, etc. They’re also restricted from consuming harmful food.

Kids in this family don’t ask their parents to buy them toys shown in commercials because they are restricted from watching those as well. They’re only allowed to watch a special ad-free channel.

The Martin family uses the radical method of free upbringing.

No school, no exams, no homework, no food according to a schedule and no going to bed at 10 P.M. all sounds like a dream scenario for most kids but it’s a reality for one American family. 39-year-old Dayna and 42-year-old Joe stick to a non-standard way of raising their kids.

Every day in this family looks like a day off because their kids don’t need to go to school and they wake up at any time they want. No one makes them study at home — the kids do only the things that they find interesting.

Every member of this family has their own tablet. Once, when one of Dayna’s sons got very involved in playing a game and was doing it all day long, the parents took him to a gamer meeting so that he could meet the creator of that game. Soon after, the boy’s interest in online gaming slowly faded away.

Another important thing they do differently is the way they eat food. The kids eat whatever they want. If they want to eat only ice cream all day long, they will. If someone wants chips, they’ll get some. All 4 kids decide for themselves whether or not they need to shower or brush their teeth.

According to Dayna and Joe, their kids are smarter than other kids of the same age and they behave better and more respectfully toward adults and each other.

Some moms let their kids wear whatever they want.

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This child has made more dreams come true for me than she will ever know. So…Kennie has been wearing my dresses for holidays since she was born (thank you, Nanny @deniseawhite11 )…but last night was particularly special because this was my all.time.favorite. party dress when I was 5. She loved wearing it and I loved watching the cherub choir sing with my sweet little girl front and center in a dress I refused to take off for days almost exactly 30 years ago😍 Also! Ainsley (@clifwhite @livingsj77 ) surprised me by coming downstairs wearing this dress for my baby shower for Kennerly!! Next up: finding a pic of Bug in it and the pic of me in it on my 5th bday for a side by side👯‍♀️ #kennieboo

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An American mother named Caitlyn allows her daughter to wear any clothes she likes. The woman confesses that she would always hear the following phrases from her own mom during childhood:

  • “Are you sure you want to wear that?”
  • “These things don’t go well with each other!”
  • “Are you going outside wearing that?”

As a result, the woman’s sense of style wasn’t formed well and now she only wears jeans and T-shirts. Caitlyn wants a different future for her daughter which is why she never criticizes her daughter’s choices. If the kid decides to put on acid-washed leggings with rubber boots and a top with bright stripes, no one is going to stop her.

The only rule in their house is not to wear thin clothes when it’s cold outside.

Bonus: Texts from a “crazy mom”

What Some Mothers Are Willing to Do to Create the Perfect Life for Their Kids

  • “I was at dinner tonight with my friend and her daughter who just turned 4. The waiter came to our table and said, ’Oh, wow, you’re going to drive the boys crazy when you grow up.’ And without missing a beat she said, ’I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up.’
    ’Ha ha ha, OMG, that’s amazing!’ the waiter said.
    ’I know. Please activate your baby cannon,’ the girl replied.”

What Some Mothers Are Willing to Do to Create the Perfect Life for Their Kids

  • — “Kate, I sat to the nicest young man at Starbucks today. A Yale lawyer. I showed him your Facebook picture and gave him your number.”
    — “Mom, you can’t keep giving my number out to strangers.”
    — “YALE”

Do you control all aspects of your kids’ lives? How do they react to it?

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