Video Of SRK’s Friend Recalls His Struggling Days And His Love Story With Gauri Khan

In one such video, uploaded by Iamsrk, you can see the old SRK again, as his friend Benny Thomas visits the paan shop they used to go together to have paan. Unsurprisingly, the paanwala still remembers SRK and the type of paan he liked!

His friend, further narrated how SRK convinced him to come along so that they could go up and talk to Gauri Khan and how they slept on platforms of Mumbai CST for the whole night.

He also narrates how SRK stood on Marine Drive and said that he will rule this city one day.

And mind you, this ‘bold’ statement came from a person who had no contacts within the Bollywood industry or politics.

He was just a Delhi boy who wanted to make it big, and he did.

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