Terrifying Video Of Two Buses Racing Dangerously Against Each Other On Tamil Nadu Highway Goes Viral

In a video that is doing its rounds on social media has stunned the viewers. The clip shows two buses racing against each other at the cost of passenger’s safety.

The video, captured by motorists chasing the two buses, left many hearts pounding. It’s clear from the video that both the buses violated all safety measures and neglected driving etiquettes. The licenses of both the drivers have also been suspended.

Besides rash driving on the highway, the bus drivers seemed to have thrown all caution to the wind. One of the buses is seen crossed the adjoining lanes and going over to the wrong side, a move that put several lives in danger, including those of passengers and cars coming from the opposite side.

A district official at Pollachi, Gayatri Krishnan, acted after watching the video.

“Construction work is on in this stretch of the road and we have warned the bus owners that they will lose their permit if rash driving continues. We had seized licences of three drivers earlier for the same offence,” she said, adding that more road transport inspectors will be posted on highways to monitor any violations.

The root cause, experts say, is the rush to cover the 44 km road; buses race in an attempt to bring in more passengers.

“We are exploring possibilities to increase the timing so that there is no incentive for buses to drive in such unsafe manner,” Ms Krishnan said.

According to reports, in a bid to draw more passengers and reach their destinations on time, these bus drivers race their way through on the roads, risking the lives of passengers. The Tamil Nadu government is trying to fight the root cause of such accidents, however, the drivers must understand the contingency of such events. RTO officials said they would conduct a meeting with private bus owners to find a solution.

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