Sushmita Sen Met 4 Filipina Women Named After Her And Sush’s Reaction Is Pure Gold

Sushmita Sen is a beauty beyond comprehension. The global diva who has made India proud on several occasions–after winning the coveted title of Miss Universe in 1994–is a living example of the adage that age is just a number! Although it has been over two decades of winning the crown and hearts, Sush (as she is popularly known) is still fond in the memories of people in Manilla, Philippines. And it was evident by the warm welcome she received when she recently flew down to Manila for the pageant, this time to judge it!

Now, it’s no news that Sush looked like a million bucks walking the ramp, representing India on a global platform but what took us (and her) by surprise is the sweetest gesture there could EVER be!

In a pre-event interview, Sushmita was overwhelmed when she was introduced to four Filipinas, all born in 1994, who were named after her after she won the ‘Miss Universe’ title.

And her reactions were pure GOLD (a mix of joy+excitement+gratitude).

The rendezvous with her namesakes was a part of the show, ‘ Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ where her emotions ranged from feeling extremely honoured to a feeling that made her (yes, us too!) a little misty.

Hell, she even went ahead and recreated her iconic ‘oh-my-god-I-won’ face along with all the Sushmita(s).

This might come out of bias, but she deserves all of it and even more!

Here’s the entire video for you to watch.


P.S- Don’t miss her explaining the meaning of her name too!

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