Sewer Hole Explodes In Man’s Face Like A Bomb After He Drops Cigarette Butt In It

This shocking clip captures the dramatic aftermath of a man throwing his cigarette butt down an underground sewer.

At the start of the CCTV footage, a smartly dressed man is seen walking up to the hole in the floor.

He begins to pour what appears to be a bag of rubble into the crevice.

Shortly, another man approaches the hole and begins to peer in.

He dropped the smouldering ciggie into the dark abyss, only to have it blasted back into his face along with a massive cloud of pavers, concrete and dirt.

When the dust cloud cleared the man, lying flat on his face, regained his composure and began to crawl away before getting up and running for his life.

Watch the full video below:

Since the video was posted to Reddit on Tuesday there have been several guesses as to what caused the sudden and massive blast.

The video has been viewed over 12 lakh times on Reddit, where users tried to speculate about the cause of the explosion. While some accorded it to methane build-up in the drain hole, others attributed it to a gas leak.

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