Samsung Used An iPhone To Tweet Their New Phone, And Everyone’s Reactions Will Make You Laugh

Someone who handles Samsung’s Twitter page made a big, hilarious mistake yesterday.

While promoting a new phone’s video on the micro-blogging website, the Samsung post was actually posted from an iPhone Twitter client. A fact that people noticed and made fun of aplenty, obviously.

The act didn’t miss the watchful eyes of MKBHD, as he shared an image of the embarrassing Samsung tweet. Earlier this year, he had caught a similar funny update from Anushka Sharma when she promotd Google Pixel through an iPhone.

This is what MKBHD tweeted out — the first image showing the original accidental tweet by Samsung, and later they clearly disabled that account by pull its plug. Over-reaction much?

In classic internet fashion, people responded to Samsung’s misery over the iPhone tweet with hilarious reactions. Here are some pick of the bunch:

And after the account was disabled, this is what followed:

Besides all the jokes and laughs, we seriously hope someone at Samsung hasn’t really lost their job. But maybe they need to be extra careful while posting on social media — not from an iPhone, for starters.

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