This Riderless ‘Ghost Motorbike’ Stunned Everyone On Paris Highway

The video baffled everyone as the bike was driving through the highway in a perfect straight line without a driver. Everyone was confused and surprised as they couldn’t think of a reason to why or how the motorcycle was going on its own on a public road. Now, though, the mystery of the riderless motorcycle has been revealed


According to the Le Parisein report, the motorcycle rider met with a crash with a car before the footage was taken, but his motorcycle continued to run on its won for some distance.

After the accident, the car driver helped the rider and scouted for the motorcycle, but there was no trace of it as it had gone ahead. This could have been possible due to the motorcycle being engaged in a gear with the throttle stuck. While the video doesn’t reveal where the motorcycle ended its ride, a few days later the motorcycle rider received a call from the police that the motorcycle has been recovered from an abandoned place.

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