Reasons Why Being Single Is Super Awesome! Always.

I am sure you find a lot of couples around and feel J while thinking, ” Aww.. they are so much in love”, ” I wish I had someone like that”, ” Love is the only perfect thing that can happen to one.” But stop! Stop these thoughts. If love is perfect then being single is an equal bliss. Just imagine! No one calling at night to hear their sob story and you are identity is your name and not shona, babu or bacha..

Need more reasons to get convinced? Have a look at these:

1. World is always full of opportunities for you. Wear a lot of confidence and you are ready to roll!

2. There is no one to stop you for anything. No rok-tok or no one telling, “Baby,tumne phir uss ladki se baat ki?”

3. For you health is not wealth but healthy flirting is.

4. You automatically become more attractive.

5. And more strong and independent.

6. When it comes to partying you believe more in getting crazy with your friends and not a silent dinner with a Gf/Bf.

7. You have more control on your life and sleep.

8. Couple entry invite? We don’t mind acting gay for some free drinks!

9. You can talk to as many people as you want. And and can stop at your wish. P.S – My life, my decisions.

10. Solo trips and drives are your thing!

11. There is nothing better than a gift of freedom to yourself.

12. Trust me, it’s better to cry over a period film than a guy or girl.

13. You can avoid the biggest pain. The heart break! And grin over others.

14. No relationship = No drama = More happiness = More awesome you!

15. With single hood one thing that always stays the same is your CHARM.

And you can use it at its best for the best in life 😀

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