Racist Irish Woman Tells Indians To ‘f*** off back to India’ Woman’s Racist Abuse Caught On Camera

A woman on a train in Ireland has been caught on camera making expletive-laden racist comments towards fellow Asian passengers, telling one of them to “go back to India” for placing a bag on an empty seat.

The Irish woman, in addition to screaming and calling Indians a disgrace, called one Indian passenger ‘ugly.’ Which is basically saying that all brown people are ugly.

The woman then targeted another passenger who appeared to stand up for the people she was abusing, saying: “look at the ugly head of that fella.”

“That’s the only reason he’s backing you up is because he’s ugly”.

In the series of videos posted on Twitter, you can see her seething with anger, saying things like ‘I hate Indians.” and “You should not be taking Irish seats.” She did this for a solid 18 minutes before the Indians gave up and got off the train.

The Indians on the train were legit scared. One person even commented how if the situation turned into a fist fight, no one would even help them.

A spokesman for Irish Rail told the Irish Independent that behaviour like this will not be tolerated on their service.

“People should be able to travel on our services without abuse of any kind. The footage is very clear and very shocking and we welcome the fact that another member of the public was able to assist in identifying the person involved,” he said.

The woman who recorded the video said that the Indians had no other option but to leave as the woman did not stop screaming even after 16 minutes. She kept giving the Indians this treatment for the entire train ride until the Indians gave up.

You can watch all the videos of the racist attack here –

In March, a study issued by the European Network against Racism Ireland (ENAR Ireland) found that there was an alarming growth in the number of racism incidents being reported over the last six months.

A total of 245 reports were made in that time frame, which is an increase of 55 in the previous period.

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