Pregnant Women Are Painting Their Bellies to Express Their Love Before Birth

Taking maternity photoshoots to the next level, prenatal belly painting is now a thing that is rapidly gaining popularity. With the help of professional bodypainting artists like Heather Aguilera, glowing mommas-to-be are getting the colors of the world painted on their belly bumps and we can’t get over how cute the whole thing is!

The Elite Indian is in love with this new trend and would like to share some of Heather’s magnificent belly painting work with our followers.

1. “Baby in a bed of roses”

2. Awaiting a little miracle.

3. Someone’s really excited to be a big sister!

4. Having twins? Tell the world artistically.

5. For lovers of the sea

6. Classic white mandala on a glowing mommy

7. The moon of her world, literally.

8. Celebrating pregnancy in the most beautiful way!

9. Almost ripe

10. You make me feel strong like a tiger.

11. The beauty of life

12. Baby whale, do do do do do do.

13. “St. Augustine Historic Lighthouse and Estuary!”

14. The beginning of it all

15. “Born with wings from nature”

16. Behind the scenes

17. The power of a woman is limitless.

18. The roses are in bloom.

19. Flaunt that baby bump.

20. Their eyes are so full of love for each other.

21. “LOVE and ROSES!”

22. The artist believes that the creative energy of art and color transcends to the baby.

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I believe the sacred creative energy of art and color transends into the baby! They dance under my brush. The love and light of the blossoming pink lotus, the colorful energy of the chakra mandalas blessing this baby before she was born!! She felt it.. she loved it!! What brings mommy peace brings baby peace. Beauty and grace breeds beauty and grace!🌸. #lotus #pinklotus #chakras #chakrahealing #energy #life #maternityphotography #prenatalart #prenatalphotography #babybump #bellypaint #beach #bodyart #brunettebeauty #prayer #sacred #sacredmoments #artist #heatheraguilera #heatherslivingart #celebrate #newlife #lovelife #honors #peace #beauty #goddess #staugustine #anastasiastatepark @staugustinebuzz

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Did you get a maternity photoshoot done when you were pregnant? Share the pictures of your belly bump with us below!

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