Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Being Kicked In The Stomach, BJP Leader Held

A BJP leader and four others were involved in kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach during a scuffle over music being played on high volume, the police said on Wednesday.

The BJP associate arrested belonged to a local BJP panchayat pradhan of Dhubulia.

There was loud kirtan music being played in West Bengal’s Nadia District and Shambhu Chandra Das went to the venue to protest against it. At the venue, he was apparently assaulted by several people, while some tried to break the fight up. Pregnant Mayarani Santra got involved in the fight as it was her brother-in-law being assaulted.

During the brawl, she was kicked in the stomach which resulted in a miscarriage.

She was first taken to Dhubulia Rural hospital and then to Krishnagar Sadar Hospital where her unborn baby died this afternoon, police said. Das lodged a police complaint against five persons including the BJP pradhan Palash Kumar Biswas and they were arrested today.

Biswas said he was not involved in the incident and Trinamool Congress framed him.

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