People Are Coughing Up Bl00d Due To Smog In Bangkok & It’s A Serious W@rning To The Entire World

People who live in Delhi know how it is difficult it survives in an atmosphere filled with toxic air. But what we don’t realize is the extent to which this air can have disastrous effects on our health.

According to a report by The Strait Times, Bangkok was recently hit by thick smog. And the conditions there are such that people have been coughing and sneezing up blood.

The Thai capital has been blanketed in toxic smog for the past two weeks and the amount of harmful PM2.5 particles in the air has exceeded the safe limit

Nutthawut Sirichainarumit shared a photo of blood in his hand which came out after he sneezed on January 15. Talking to Daily Mail, he said:

“I sneezed all night and it was the even worse when my sneeze had blood the next morning. I was totally shocked because I never sneezed blood before in my entire life. I believe the dust is to blame.”

The government also shut down schools as the Air Quality Index reached 170, hovering in the ‘unhealthy’ levels.

Despite the efforts put in by the government to control the smog, conditions have continued to worsen.

According to reports, animals have also started showing symptoms of various infections and diseases due to the deadly smog.

The governor of Bangkok has reportedly called for help to tackle the pollution, as the method of drones spraying water into the air didn’t achieve the desired results.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha also apologized to the citizens. In a statement, he said:

“The government apologizes for the inconvenience caused and would like to thank everybody for support and cooperation.”

While the conditions have worsened only in Bangkok as of now, this is a warning for the entire world, else we’ll see ourselves in the same situation.

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