Panipuri Vendor Mixed Toilet Cleaner In Panipuri Water, Gets 6 Months Jail

A panipuri vendor in Lal Darwaja area of Gujarat’s Ahmedabad district has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for mixing toilet cleaner in fast food, a special court said on Saturday.

In 2009, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had filed a case against vendor Chetan Nanji Marvadi in a special court for adulteration.

AMC has been receiving regular complaints from the residents of Lal Darwaja that Marvadi is mixing something to the panipuri water. The residents had also complained that the vendor throws the leftover water on the already damaged road creating a nuisance for the public.

Acting on the complaints, AMC sent the samples to the food testing laboratory in the state. Shocked by the presence of oxalic acid which is used in toilet cleaners, AMC filed the case against the vendor in the local adulteration court.

Seven years later, the special court held accused Marvadi as guilty while sentencing him to six months in jail.

During the trial, the accused claimed that there is no evidence which can prove him guilty and the court should release him.

However, special advocate Manoj Khandhar argued that the crime of the accused is associated with a huge class, which is dangerous for public health and should be taken to task.

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