Men Who Cook and Clean Are the Most Irresistible for Women, According to Science

If your man wants to be more attractive to you, try getting him some gloves and disinfectant as a surprise gift. Scientists have found that men who are involved in household chores become more attractive to females, so it’s time to make that data work in their favor… and ours, of course.

The Elite Indian has prepared a summary of these findings so that we can put them to work more often, for their own good.

Experts analyzed national data to get to these results.

Thanks to sociologists Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams from the University of California at Riverside, we can explain why men appear more charming when they’re swinging a broom or picking up the laundry. In their analysis of data from the American Child Development Supplement of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, they discovered that women identify men who perform more cleaning chores as more attractive and desirable.

They’re not the only specialists who’ve found this.

Their findings are backed up by the Council of Contemporary Families, which has pointed out that now that women also work full-time, couples who share household chores evenly are more satisfied with all aspects of their marriage.

Other experts have verified this conclusion with their own research, like psychologist Dr. Gottman, who specializes in relationships and marriage. Gottman’s investigations led him to believe that wives identify their husbands’ domestic participation as a sign of love, which makes them more drawn to them.

Time’s up for stereotypes.

Men Who Cook and Clean Are the Most Irresistible for Women, According to Science


The analysis discredits the notion that men are or can be seen as less manly if they regularly take responsibility for domestic tasks, like watching the baby, making dinner, or mopping the floors. The reality of the situation is quite the opposite, since doing so can help them appear more desirable and attractive, and even strengthen their relationships.

Men doing the dishes and babysitting is good for boys too.

What’s more, little boys benefit from their father’s example too. The data also showed that children in school, who do house chores along with their dads, get along better with their peers and develop more friendships than those who don’t. Plus, they’re also less likely to disobey their teachers, misbehave in class, get depressed, or withdraw from their social lives. That’s a kid almost everyone would find attractive and like to hang out with.

Which household or family chores do you like to see men do? Cooking, cleaning, or changing diapers? What would you do to involve your partner more when doing chores at home? Share your secrets below!

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