Love Stories From 6 Famous Couples That Have Survived Some Rocky Chapters

Breaking up is a healthy way to deal with challenges with your partner when the going gets tough and you start to fall apart. Despite all the fame and fortune, celebrity couples are also facing the same relationship problems that we have behind the spotlight. In all this heartache, though, one thing is for sure: sometimes second chances pay off!

We decided to take a trip down memory lane and share great love stories from our favorite celebrities about how they got through a tough time and found themselves in each other’s arms again.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

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The actress truly has a forgiving soul as she and her husband, basketball star Dwyane Wade, coped after the latter had a child while they were off duty. A year later, the 2 continued to face challenges and fell in love with their large family.

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

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The star makeup artist and hairstylist and McDreamy himself have been married for over 2 decades! But those 22 years weren’t easy for the 2, as they ended for almost a year in 2015. Fortunately, a trip to Paris lit the sparks again, and the 2 have supported each other ever since.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

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The beauty mogul and rapper have been together for quite some time before closing the deal with a sweet family of 4. They only had a long break in 2019 when Kylie and Travis split after almost 2 years together.

The couple was raising their daughter, Stormi when they decided to give love another chance. Now, Stormi is the older sister to her little brother.

Michael and Nicole Phelps

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You know you’ve seen a cute couple when you see an Olympian and a beauty queen together. However, even beautiful people can be a source of distress. Before their engagement in 2015, Michael and Nicole broke up and hated each other.

It just took time and emotional growth for the two to realize that they still had feelings for each other. The hate disappeared and the love took over. Michael and Nicole are now celebrating their milestones with their 3 children!

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

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From having an instant connection while filming a TV series, Ben and Christine spent 18 years together and shared 2 children. However, the comedic actor and actress announced their split because they were growing apart while Ben was secretly battling a cancer diagnosis and dealing with the death of his father.

Fortunately, they were still willing to continue their love story, accepting their differences and meet again 2 years later.

Billy Porter and Adam Smith

© thesmithsociety/Instagram© thesmithsociety/Instagram

Indeed, love conquers and overcomes all challenges. The Broadway star and fashion mogul can attest to that! The two briefly dated but ended up breaking up because they didn’t know if it was serious or just an affair.

However, they both realized they made a big mistake years later, and Adam confessed to Billy that he always loved him. The 2 recently celebrated 5 years after exchanging I Dos.

Which of these celebrity couples are you rooting for? What experiences did you share with them?


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