Lost Helicopter Lands On Highway To Ask For Directions VIDEO GOES VIRAL

In this video uploaded by Zello Kaz, a truck convoy was blocked by the helicopter that had a trainee pilot come out of it, to ask for directions. Yes, you heard that right. The drivers who probably taped the man who was lost, can be even heard laughing at the out-of-the-blue occurrence.


“He came to ask which way to Aktobe,” says one voice trying to control his laughter. Another muffled voice added,  “How can you get lost in the steppe? How the hell can you get lost in the steppe?”

As soon as the video surfaced on the social media and went viral, Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense has laid out a statement claiming that it was a “planned visual orienteering exercise,” in which trainee pilots were told to determine their location “including by means of human survey.”

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