Kidnappers Had To Let Go Abducted Man After They Stuck In TRAFFIC And Couldn’t Move

No one in their right sense of mind would like being stuck in a traffic jam. Sitting hopeless inside your vehicle amidst the sea of people around you, honking, cursing and making your life a living hell, it is never a good experience. However, a toll booth manager in Gurugram might think otherwise as his life got saved because he got stuck in a traffic jam.

At 10:15 am at the Kherki Daula toll plaza in Gurugram, a man bearing a fake driving licence and driving a Mercedes car denied paying the toll tax of ₹60 to the booth operator.

An hour later at around 11:30 am, the same person returned to the plaza with 15 thugs and abducted the booth manager, Manoj Kumar at gunpoint. After driving some distance, they thrashed him mercilessly.

However, the thugs got stuck in heavy traffic and were left with no choice but to let the manager go, bearing the fear of getting caught by the police. Speaking of the nightmare, the victim said,

“There was traffic congestion on the road and they and feared being seen or caught trying to take me away. One of them shouted, ’Shoot him’, while another said ‘Shoot at his leg’. I was thinking of my three children and family. I saw my entire life flash before me and did not dare utter a single word.”

The Mercedes car has been found registered under the name of a private company and the Kherki Daula Police has registered a complaint under multiple charges against the accused.

This is not the first incident of toll booth operators being beaten or abducted by goons, especially in the northern states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The government needs to pay extra attention to the matter so that such innocent people do not become east targets for the goons while doing their jobs.

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