Internet Users Talk About the Weird Things They Saw on Security Cameras, and Couldn’t Forget

Every day, the things we do are captured by security cameras in different public places: stores, streets, transportation, and so on. Would you like to know how the people on the other side of the camera see you?

We at The Elite Indian have collected stories from people whose jobs are directly connected with security. And some of the people from our article have security cameras in their homes. They definitely know what people can do when they think nobody is watching them.

  • My old job was on a busy boulevard with an alley in the back. We had an open garage with access to said alley. We saw people do all kinds of crazy stuff. But what took the cake is one morning, around maybe 7-8 am, a man was walking through the alley, he stops suddenly, goes into our garage, lights a candle, sets it there by the wall, and walks away. It was so odd getting there and seeing a randomly lit candle. Checking the footage only left us with more questions. © S_The_Ghost / Reddit
  • On our home security, I once saw a guy, at 2:30 a.m., going along picking up cigarette butts, licking each one he found, and then putting them in his pockets. Weirdest thing I ever saw. © unknown author / Reddit
  • A couple of days ago I watched a guy get attacked by a goose in the parking lot. I’d say that goose won the fight. © Rummy9 / Reddit

Internet Users Talk About the Weird Things They Saw on Security Cameras, and Couldn’t Forget

“They wanted to see who broke the mirror so they checked the security cameras.”

  • Not me but my friend. He always Snapchats the crazy stuff he sees at the shopping mall he monitors. Once he posted 2 guys hula-hooping in the middle of the night. © Kodiachrome / Reddit
  • I spent a long time looking for a housekeeper to live in my house: I have 2 teenagers at home, and my boyfriend and I are always at work. We really wanted to rest after work instead of cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry. But none of the candidates passed the security camera test: some of them stole our stuff, some wore my underwear. But a 60-year-old lady shocked me. She brought 2 young guys into our house that did the cleaning while she sat around doing nothing. She really couldn’t understand why she was fired — everything was sparkling clean. Overheard / VK
  • I work at a mall as a security camera post officer. I have to be very focused, concentrated, and I need to have a good memory. After I begin the shift, I love watching myself walk down the parking lot to the entrance. Once, a middle-aged man made my day. Somehow, I had managed to get out of my car and walk half the path with my pleated skirt totally tucked into itself. I didn’t have any tights on and it was pretty cold! 30 minutes later, I could see myself do this from 3 different angles. So, this guy caught up with me and pulled my skirt so that it would cover all the parts it is supposed to cover. He showed no emotion and didn’t even say anything to me. I guess, I’m not as focused and concentrated as I’d like to think. © Overheard / VK

Internet Users Talk About the Weird Things They Saw on Security Cameras, and Couldn’t Forget

A weird camera effect: a lamp glowing in an unusual way.

  • Saw a chicken walk up the side of a tree at 2 a.m. © mathiasheath91 / Reddit
  • I live in a pretty big house. There are cameras everywhere, even in my room. Last night, my house was burglarized. I called the police and we decided to watch the camera footage. I sleep very well and my blanket always slips on the floor by the morning. I was so surprised when the thieves (there were 3 of them) decided to pick up my blanket and cover me with it. Just think about it! The people that stole my stuff wanted me to have a good sleep! Well… Thanks, I guess… © Not everyone gets it / VK
  • It was my mom’s experience. She works on a cruise ship and has to go through surveillance footage and put the footage in different folders. She said she has nightmares about one simple, but creepy thing. One night a guy walked out of his cabin, into the view of the camera, and stood for a few minutes, doing nothing. Then looked up at the camera, moved as close to it as possible and smiled into the camera for about 5 minutes, but she said that watching it felt as if he was looking into the camera for hours. She said it’s just something she can’t get out of her head and it made her feel so uncomfortable. © Kn9ne9 / Reddit

Internet Users Talk About the Weird Things They Saw on Security Cameras, and Couldn’t Forget

  • Worked on campus watching cameras, was doing my hourly check at around 1 a.m. while talking to my buddy who was the on-duty guard. While flipping through the cameras, I passed by one of our entrances and saw some guy standing at the door, just starting in. I spotted it and flipped back to that camera, and my buddy and I just stopped talking and looked at each other cause he was gone. I switched to the next camera, which was the exterior camera, and he was not anywhere to be seen. I asked my buddy if he wanted to go check it out, he said, “oh no.” We check the footage to see if we saw it right, and sure enough, he was there, but we could never find him on any other camera at that time. The University I worked at was reportedly haunted, but I don’t exactly believe in ghosts. I still don’t believe it was one, but it was still creepy as all hell and I can’t explain what exactly happened. © majones117 / Reddit
  • Never check the security camera footage! At my previous job, I had to watch the footage that was in a warehouse and I saw all kinds of stuff! White flying circles that fell on the ground. It was really scary to be on my own in this place. © Overheard / VK

Internet Users Talk About the Weird Things They Saw on Security Cameras, and Couldn’t Forget

“I set up a camera with a motion sensor. At night time, when nobody is at home, the camera gets activated and you can see something just fly by.”

  • While working in a rehearsal studio for bands we had a camera at the front desk that pointed down the hall at the entrances to all the rooms. One day I’m sitting there, minding my own business, and noticed there was a girl sitting in the hallway outside of one of the studios. She had come in with the band that was practicing and I just assumed she didn’t feel like sitting in the loud space with the band. So I got up and went to tell her she was welcome to sit in the lobby where there was a couch and a TV. I got around the corner and she wasn’t there. I went back to the desk and there she was, sitting in the hall waiting outside the room. So I went back out to find her, not there again. I assumed she had gone into the room so I went and knocked and they informed me that the girl had left a while before, just after they had gotten started practicing. So I went back and there she was, still on the camera. It was only then that I realized I had accidentally bumped the freeze frame button for the monitor… © tylergoldenberg / Reddit

Have you or someone you know had situations where a security camera captured something really weird or something funny? Maybe you have even seen some supernatural stuff on the footage? Were you able to find a rational explanation?

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