This Infinity Pool With Glass Bottom Will Make You Want To Swim… Forever

it’s time to book your tickets to Italy. Located in  South Tyrol, Italy, Hotel Hubertus has a 82 ft long glass pool which is suspended 40 feet above the ground. This elevated infinity pool boasts of a glass bottom which provides swimmers a stunning view of the ground while they swim through the ‘sky’.

Designed by architecture studio Noa, this gorgeous pool stands on the ground with the help of larch tree trunks and is only accessible from the hotel’s roof terrace.

With a glass front and a glazed window at the bottom, this 25-metre picturesque pool is designed in a way that the anthracite sides of the structure blend amazingly with the colour palette of the spectacular view around.

Now, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in this incredible glass-bottomed pool?

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