This Hilarious Note Exchange Of Two Employees Over A Stolen Chocolate Will Make Your Day!

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Seems like age-old adages like such, are no more just adages! They have finally found the place in reality and boy, am I cracking up!

In a hilariously epic note exchange (the best I’ve seen so far) by the fridge (yes, the boardrooms’ shifted) between employees of Buzz Travel Marketing, the order of the day was brought about by a war over chocolate! And you’ll have to see to believe, how!

P.S- Thank heavens for HRs.

1. It all started from,

2. And here comes the ransom call! 

3. Because the HR-missile never fails! 

4. Or so we thought! 

5. Is there no humanity left?

6. And the threat looms. 007 style!

7. The Gods from the above have intervened. NOW?


8. N.B- Chocolate can do that to you!

9. ‘…of the first the order!’

10. *evil laugh echoes*

11. Up until this!

12. And they lived happily ever after. NOT!

If there wasn’t stealing of chocolate involved, I’d give the guy one. ? But full marks for creativity!

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