Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Phone in Bed

For most of us, our phones are the last thing we see before we go to sleep and the first thing we see when we wake up. While it is very convenient to use your phone as an alarm clock and to watch the news before bed, this habit can really disrupt our sleep and affect our health in many surprising ways.

We also find it hard to put our phones away before bed. And we did some digging to find out why it would be better to keep the phone out of the bedroom.

It might affect your sleep.

You can surf the internet, scroll through funny pictures, play games, and send text messages, so it’s no surprise that with all these features, your phone disturbs your sleep too.

When you use your phone or look at any other screen for hours, you are exposed to blue light from the device which sends your body the signal to delay sleep. If this happens on a daily basis, it can confuse your body and disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycles.

It may affect your reproductive health.

Whether you’re watching your favorite show or playing a game to wind down after a long day, it can be hard to put your phone away. But if you keep updating your news feed, it can delay your bedtime and make it harder for you to sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can affect your body in many ways and can even cause reproductive health problems. Studies have shown that men who sleep 6 hours or less and women who suffer from sleep deprivation are more likely to experience difficulties when trying to have a baby.

 It may cause you to gain weight.

Phones are designed to grab your attention and trigger your immediate response. If you leave your phone on your nightstand, it’s easy to be tempted to check it if you wake up in the night, and after reading something disturbing, it’ll be harder to go back to sleep.

In addition to other unpleasant consequences, lack of sleep increases oxidative stress in your body and disrupts your circadian rhythm, causing you to put on extra pounds. If you’re working hard to lose weight, consider leaving your phone in another room at night to avoid potential sleep disturbances.

It might make you more anxious.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of not being able to stop compulsively checking our phones. All the ringtones, alerts, and alarms can easily affect your stress level and cause anxiety.

Research has shown that people who suffer from anxiety often have trouble sleeping, and in turn, lack of sleep can increase your anxiety level by a staggering 30%. To break the cycle of anxiety and insomnia, try turning off your cell phone before bed and storing it in another room.

Where do you keep your phone at night? Have you ever tried to let him out of your room before you go to sleep?

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