This Heartbreaking Picture Of An Elephant Pair Being Taken Away From Each Other Is Going Viral

This Facebook picture, posted by Sowmya Vidyadhar is another sad example of animal cruelty in our country. In the heartbreaking picture taken somewhere on an Indian highway, a pair of elephants is seen sharing a last moment of love before they get taken away from each other.

The picture is going viral and people have some really powerful reactions to it.1. And we call ourselves ‘civilized’

System has loopholes and people know how to take advantage of them

Heartbreaking indeed

Just because we evolved and developed a brain capable of infinite possibilities, doesn’t make us humans the owner of the Earth and the master of all these creatures who can’t speak for themselves. They are all living beings too and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

Only when we learn to be kind towards animals and care for their needs as we do for ours can we actually call ourselves ‘humans’.

You can read Sowmya’s original post here.

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