HAL Reveals Its Multi Role Helicopter To Take On Russian Imports

It looks at replacing the Mi 17 class of helicopters that are in wide use in India and abroad.

India has revealed its project to develop a future multi-role helicopter the biggest rotary-wing aircraft to be designed domestically with an ambitious target to get it flying within two years.

The Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH) aims to replace Russian imports and will also have a naval variant for a number of roles, including anti-submarine warfare.

The first full-scale model of the IMRH was unveiled by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar at the AeroIndia show — a 24-seater 12-tonne class chopper with roles varying from tactical troop transport, offshore operations, VVIP transport and a special capability to operate at high altitudes.

“The proposed IMRH will be powered by twin engines (to be identified), equipped with Automatic Flight Control System, state-of-the-art Mission systems, Advanced Cockpit Display and Avionic Systems, etc. to meet the Utility and Armed Roles of Indian Armed Forces. A dedicated Naval variant is also planned.”

The Indian manufacturer has made its intent clear that the chopper will look at replacing the Mi 17 class of helicopters that are in wide use in India and abroad. The IMRH has similar specifications and aims to undertake more roles than the Russian workhorse that is used for most frontline operations by the Indian Air Force.

The LUH, which is in high demand by the army and air force that is looking to replace its Cheetah/Chetak fleet, undertook its first flight last year, with a target to get basic platform certifications by the end of 2017.

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