Guy Offers Money To Pakistanis For Tearing Indian Flag. Their Response Won Hearts

There have always been differences and debates about India and Pakistan. Whenever there are fights on religion, people get tagged as “Anti-National”.

We had even seen how Bollywood celebs get trolled and are asked to go to Pakistan. However, do we know the whole reality? In fact, people of Pakistan are warm and friendly and they have been kind.

Rather than differences, it’s always good to stay united. You will love the social experiment that was created in Pakistan recently. 2 men go from street to street asking people if they would tear the Indian flag.

When people refuse, they start offering money for the same. However, the reply that they get is indeed very heartwarming. The people of Pakistan make them realize that every country should be respected and their national symbol can’t be insulted even for Rs 10 lakhs.

No one tears the flag, because they respect India and the religion. Your hearts will be filled with pride after watching this video;

Wow, we need such kind of people to bring in peace and harmony between both the nations. Hope you too loved this social experiment.

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