Gurgaon-Based Startup Brings Dogs To Your Doorstep So You Can De-Stress!

Fur Ball Story has taken the onus of bringing dogs to your doorstep, be it your house, society or office, so that you can spend time with them, chill with them and de-stress yourself.

In 2016, Shrishti Sharma, a law student and the co-founder of the Fur Ball Story, made a very interesting observation on how the college authorities devised a master plan of bringing two dogs on campus just to get the students to come and attend lectures. The interesting bit is, it worked.

Students couldn’t get enough of those two adorable puppers. This incident left an impression deep enough to encourage her to turn this idea into a business model. She went on to discuss this idea with three of her friends — Animesh Katiar (a lawyer), Arushi Dixit (a designer), and Kunal Daral (an IT professional) — and soon, it turned into an actual startup last year in December. Good on us!

Currently, they have adopted three doggies namely, Muffin (a labrador), Cocoa (a shih tzu) and Angel (a golden retriever) — who are trained as therapy dogs and can meet over 40-50 people in a day without barking or snapping at them — and have been holding pet therapy sessions in various universities, corporate offices, hospitals and even private residences. Even though, it is a common concept in the west, it is relatively new in our country.

So far, the team has conducted sessions with Nagarro, MMT, Sequoia Capital, Co-Ho and the likes, including some residential societies.

At present, they have two programs – residential and corporate.  It’s further divided into two parts, where for 3 hours you’ll have to pay INR 2,000 and for 3-6 hours, you’ll have to pay INR 4,000. Close to 10 people can participate in this program.

For corporates, there’s a trial package for INR 5,000 but Shrishti suggests their 3-month program – it’s then that the actual benefits kick in. For this, they charge INR 800, per session per person and offer 8 sessions spanning 4-5 hours in a month.

They’re primarily operating out of Gurgaon and are looking forward to expand in Mumbai, Bhopal and Bengaluru!

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