Girl Takes A Late Night Cab Back Home But What Happens Next Is Unexpected

When you’re out at a party until very late, intoxicated and dizzy, your first instinct is to pull out your cell phone and book a cab. However, after several disturbing incidences, including one wherein a cabbie actually bit his passenger, that doesn’t seem like the best idea. So you might decide to hitch a ride with someone. But even in this case, what’s the guarantee that you’re in safe hands?

In this short film ‘Book A Cab’, uploaded by Stoned Age Productions, a girl coming out of a party decides to book a cab. A few friends ask whether she’d like to join in for an after party but she insists on going on. After a few kilometres, the cab driver starts acting strange. Soon, paranoia sets in. The girl begins to regret getting into a cab all by herself. The entire ride turns into her personal nightmare. Give it a watch. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout

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