Gauahar Khan’s Short Film Proves There’s Nothing A Woman Can’t Do!

Gauahar Khan is featuring in yet another short film, Peanut Butter. The movie is a brand new perspective on single parenting and abortion. It’s refreshing to see Gauahar shed her dancing diva image and don the actress’ cap.

In this short film ‘Peanut Butter’, uploaded by Playground Digital Cinema, a single woman, played by Gauahar Khan, finds out she’s pregnant. She’s burdened with the same old thoughts of ‘log kya kahenge?’. She’s worried about how society might perceive her and more importantly, whether they would treat her child differently. All that changes when a strange visitor, played by Dhiraj Totlani knocks on her door, asking for peanut butter. The visitor comes in with innocuous purposes but leaves a lasting impression on us all.

The film will truly warm your heart.

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