Flood Situation Worsens In Assam With At Least 225 Animals Found Dead At Kaziranga National Park

India’s northeastern states have been put on a flood high alert after the river, Brahmaputra crossed the danger mark.

Reportedly, heavy rains caused severe devastation in the state of Assam, killing at least 225 animals in the Kaziranga National Park. Most of the protected area is still under water.

Park Director Satyendra Singh told IANS:

The first wave of floods had submerged over 70 per cent of the park and led to the death of 105 animals.

The dead animals include 178 hog deer, 15 rhinos, four elephants and one tiger.

Kaziranga National Park, one of the most notable wildlife sanctuaries in India and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to many endemic & endangered species. Every year, hundreds of animals die in Kaziranga due to inundation.

Last year too, 503 animals were killed in the floods. This is a huge cause of concern since these animals are already endangered.

The water discharge in the Brahmaputra basin last week was estimated to be the highest in the last 50 years. This is due to heavy rains lashing China and Northeast India.

Few days back, the Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio appealed to the Central government to help the flood affected state.

Human lives and exotic wildlife of the region are once again in danger as the situation gets worse in the states of Nagaland, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh.

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