Few Pictures Are Showing A Contrasting Difference Between Manmohan Singh And Narendra Modi!

Very Strange!

#5 Good OR Bad

#5 Good OR Bad

After the maximum destruction that could have been done by Congress,the BJP led government got it’s chance in 2014 to contribute towards the development of India.

Good or bad, the comparisons have been striking since between PM Modi and Dr. Manmohan Singh to decide who has been the better PM.
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#4 G-20 Summit In Germany

#4 G-20 Summit In Germany

Talking about the present scenario, PM Narendra Modi went to Germany to participate in G-20 Summit where the discussion was about strengthening relations between nations. Each country had it’s own set of suggestions towards terrorism, improving trade and climate.

This year’s G-20 Summit can easily be found on social media in bits and pieces as the moment PM Modi reached Hamburg, twitter was all flooded with messages of gratitude.

Multiple pictures of PM Modi present along with other world leaders came as a good sign for the country’s development.

#3 PM Modi’s Funny Nature

#3 PM Modi's Funny Nature The summit also saw PM Modi discussing and sharing a laugh with the other leaders, all in a friendly air. These pictures also came as a proof about how massive a magnitude Narendra Modi has created not only within the border lines but globally.

Such pictures of PM Modi representing India in such a vibrant and lively manner naturally comparison amongst the public. At the same time we recall a memory of Dr. Manmohan Singh from an old G-20 Summit where he was representing our country.
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#2 Better PM

#2 Better PM The picture above is a loud example of how India was not being an active part of the discussions. For those who need more than 1 example, below begins a series of pictures which are loud enough for you to judge which PM has been better at representing India internationally. Have a look:

#1 Modi Became A Role Model

#1 Modi Became A Role Model Narendra Modi is now a name famous enough among the world leaders because he has done visible efforts to make an identity.

The foreign policy and warm relations abroad made by Modi made him a role model and in between all the highly-ranked people.

Narendra Modi absolutely becomes the show-stealer. However, Dr. Manmohan Singh somehow lacked this quality of being present everywhere at once.

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