Family Of 500 Members Clicks The Most Awesome Photo Ever

While most family photographs are shot with painstaking efforts, this one proves to be different. For starters, it has 500 members of the same family posing for the camera.

It has already been dubbed as the most epic picture ever taken for every person has descended from the same man and shares the same family name – Ren.

So this village of a family gathered in an actual Chinese village to get clicked and fit into one single frame. Because a family that clicks together stays together. Right?

The photo features members from 25th to 31st generations of this family that hails from Shishecun, in Zhejiang.

It took the Rens thirty minutes to position themselves with their organizer Ren Tuanjie helping them get in line. According to him, 1,000 Rens spread across 7 generations of the family are still alive.

And guess what Ren means? Unity.

*desperately draws family tree*

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