This Company Will Pay You USD 10,000 A Month To Travel The World And Stay In Luxury Homes

Thirdhome, a luxury vacation home rental service is on a lookout for people who would write, click and blog while they are travelling and relaxing at the multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes.

The candidacy would be judged on the basis of writing skills and your experience with international travel. You’ve got to be a “luxury connoisseur”, which means you should know about frescoes and arches. Apart from that you obviously should have a valid passport and a driving license. No pets are allowed to accompany you. A friend or a partner can but their expenses won’t be on the company.

You will be paid 10,000 USD per month, and the job is for a duration of three months. All you have got to do is upload a one minute video telling them why you think you are the best candidate for job!  Last date to apply is March 30.

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