BJP Makes 5000 KG Khichdi To Attract Dalit Votes. Gets Trolled On Twitter

Ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, both BJP and Congress are busy promoting themselves. No party wants to leave any chance to impress the public and hence putting their best foot forward.

Recently BJP organised a Bhim Mahasamagam event at Ramlila Maidan and cooked 5000 KG Khichdi to impress Dalits and attract their votes.

The Khichdi was prepared in a single utensil with 400 kg of rice, 100 kg of lentils, 350 kg of vegetables, 100 kg of desi ghee, 100 litres of oil, 2,500 litres of water and 250 kg of spices.

BJP was eyeing Dalit votes and a record in the world record in Guinness but all they have received is criticism. People on Twitter reacted negatively against this activity of BJP. Have a look at some reactions-










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