After Autospy Staff, Hospital Employee Claims Doctors Knew Sushant Singh Rajput Was Murdered

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Shweta Singh Kriti says her heart has broken into a million pieces after hearing what this man who claims to be staff at Cooper Hospital has revealed about her brother. She is demanding the arrest of culprits after this man claimed that the senior doctors knew it was a murder and that the Bollywood star’s leg seemed broken and had needle marks.

Hospital staff claims Sushant Singh Rajput’s leg was broken had needle marks

The video shared by Shweta Singh Kirti was originally aired on a news channel. In the video, he says, “We knew it was a murder. There were 15-20 needle marks and cello tape on his neck… His leg was broken and twisted… Rhea Chakraborty came along with a man to see the body… They were saying sorry… they sent me outside… Even the senior doctors said that it was a murder… everyone knew it… even his feet had 3-4 needle marks each…”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister demands the arrest of the culprits

Sharing this video, Shweta Singh Kriti wrote, “My God!! Listening to news like this breaks my heart a million times…what all they did with my brother. Please, please arrest them!! #ArrestCulpritsOfSSR”.

Roopkumar Shah, who worked as a mortuary assistant at Cooper Hospital, said, “When Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, we had received five dead bodies in the Cooper Hospital for postmortem. Out of those five bodies, one was a VIP body. When we went to perform a post-mortem, we learnt he was Sushant.”

“When I saw Rajput’s body, there were marks of fracture and some marks around his neck due to some pressure. The marks of strangulation and hanging are different as I had been performing autopsies for nearly 28 years. The post-mortem needed to be recorded but higher authorities were asked to only click pics of the body. Hence, we did that as per their order.”

He claimed, “I tried to intimate my superior when I noticed the different markings on Rajput’s body but he ignored me. My seniors told me to click pictures as soon as possible and give the body to the cops. Hence, we performed the post-mortem in the night only”.

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