9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

Here’s a scientific fact: people that use cuss words from time to time are smarter than others. The same is true for cat lovers — they’re actually smarter than other people. But there are some other unexpected and even weird indicators that mean someone has a high level of intelligence.

The Elite Indian has reviewed the results of some recent studies and found out what’s special about smarter people. Compare your habits to the ones on our list — maybe you’re much smarter than you think!

You walk really fast.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

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There’s a direct correlation between intelligence levels and the speed of walking: faster speeds have a positive influence on people’s cognitive abilities. It turns out that people who walk fast get about 16 points more in IQ tests than those who walk slowly.

There’s even more good news for those that walk fast: they age slower. This is true both for the internal signs of aging and external. The faster you walk, the longer your brain will remain active.

You don’t like hot showers.

It’s okay to have hot, relaxing baths but it’s more beneficial for the brain to have short, cool showers. Regular showers with contrasting temperatures can improve memory, the performance of the brain, make your mood better, and give you additional energy during the day.

You’re bipolar.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

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Only 2.5% of the world’s population has this disorder. Despite the fact that bipolar disorder has a negative influence on brain activity, the people that suffer from it demonstrate a higher IQ level. For example, Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway were bipolar it but it never stopped them from becoming great creators. Children that have bipolar disorder and are interested in music, art, and foreign languages usually show the best results in these areas.

You’re very sensitive to other people’s feelings.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

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Intelligence is not only determined by a high IQ level — emotional intelligence (EQ) is also very important. It’s a well-developed EQ that allows people to deal with stress better and understand other people without having to talk to them. However, a high EQ also has a negative effect: you can feel other people’s emotions almost physically and you tend to have a very strong reaction to someone’s anger.

People who are ready to talk to new people and learn from their experience end up gaining more useful information during their lives.

People’s slurping makes you mad.

One of the recent studies showed that some people can’t filter unpleasant sounds and they have a very negative reaction to them. These annoying sounds can consist of someone’s loud breathing, cracking joints, or playing with a pen. This weird attitude toward sound is called misophonia and it is a real psychological disorder that indicates high emotional intelligence and well-developed creative abilities.

You don’t like texting.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

Scientists found that using text messages and e-mails can lower the IQ level by at least 10 points. The thing is, the negative influence of texts is even stronger than some drugs. The people who can’t live without texting have a hard time focusing on a specific task because their brain is always ready to reply to a message instead of doing actual work.

Besides, texting too much has another negative consequence: literacy decreases and vocabulary shrinks because all the modern devices have an autocorrection function which means we don’t need to use our memory to remember the right spelling.

You can’t live without chocolate.

Chocolate made of real cocoa beans doesn’t only improve a person’s mood and support the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. Natural chocolate can also have a positive influence on the speed of processing information, it improves memory, and helps us to be more attentive.

Eating good chocolate also slows down brain aging, decreasing the risk of dementia in old age. Don’t eat too many sweets though because the extra weight has a negative influence on cognitive abilities. But eating a normal amount of good chocolate can help you become smarter and more efficient.

You feel like nobody likes you.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

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How people think of you is directly linked to their intelligence levels: it’s much easier for people to communicate with their equals in terms of intelligence. In other words, we want to be around people with the same level of intelligence and the difference in IQ levels should not be bigger than 15 points.

The average intelligence level is about 100 points — 85% of the Earth’s population is at this level. Try doing an IQ-test: if your result is over 115 points, it’s clear why most people don’t understand you and why it’s hard for you to communicate with them.

You’re constantly thinking about difficult things.

9 Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

And this is not only about the meaning of life: any kind of thoughts about global and unfathomable things, like the size of the universe, means that you have a high intelligence level. Intelligent people just can’t stop their thinking process and they really want answers to the most important questions.

Unlike people with average IQ levels, smarter people worry about things way more, including their own future and the future of the planet while others care more about everyday problems.

Which of these things are true about you? Have you ever done an IQ test? What results did you have?

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