8 Signs It’s Time To End The Relationship

When it comes to relationships, there is no golden rule or guide to follow. No one can help you choose between being together, being yourself, being the victim, or being happy. Only you can decide whether to end a relationship or fight for it.

We found these 8 characteristics of a dead-end relationship. If you can identify with any of these, end it as soon as possible.

Reasons To End a Relationship

8. You’re Unhappy In Your Relationship

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If you often feel unhappy, uncomfortable, stressed, or even overwhelmed, it is the first and foremost sign that you are in a destructive dead-end relationship.

Be honest with yourself and admit that you are in a “toxic” relationship. Try to identify what “benefits” that relationship brings you.

For example, it saves you from the fear of loneliness, or you are very afraid of being alone and you like to depend financially and emotionally on your partner.

7. You Can’t Be Yourself When You’re With Your Partner

When you’re with the “right” person, you don’t have to pretend anything: you can be yourself. You can be foolish and clumsy and not feel guilty about it. When you’re are together, you behave naturally as if you were alone.

If you have to draw on your acting skills too often in your relationship, you deprive yourself of the experience of being authentic, which prevents you from developing your relationship.

6. You Partner Is Too Controlling

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Be careful if your loved one’s spy on you, monitor your phone conversations, social media, and email, want you to share everything with them, and even demand that you hand over your salary.

These partners are simply pretending to be loving and caring. In fact, they take full control of your life in the form of emotional abuse and invade your personal space. This is unacceptable in a relationship.

5. You Live In Isolation

Is your loved one trying to isolate you from your friends and family, prohibiting you from using your phone or car, or maybe even prevent you from finding a good job? These are relationship red flags.

It is a form of domestic violence that leads to psychological and economic dependence on your partner.

4. Your Partner Is Too Jealous

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You’re dating an overly jealous and possessive freak if he or she causes big scenes in public, controls your calls, uses social media, etc.

You have to realize that it is not loved. It is a form of psychological abuse and should not be ignored.

3. Your Partner Always Underestimates You And Your Achievements

It’s time for you to go if you often hear from your partner that you are an ordinary person with moderate achievements.

They’re trying to convince you that no one will ever like you, but the worst part is that you start to believe it’s true.

It is your partner who needs help, not you! Apparently, your emotional manipulator has trouble with self-confidence and tries to increase your low self-esteem by putting you down.

2. It’s Almost Impossible To Plan Your Future Together

8 Signs It's Time To End The Relationship© Freepik.com

What are the main characteristics of a functional relationship? Mutual trust, a sense of security, and plans for that distant future together.

Everything is different in an unhealthy relationship – you don’t even have short-term plans, and you’re trying to find an excuse to explain why you’re still together.

If you never speak or can never think about your future, it is one of those signs that you are in a toxic relationship that leads nowhere.

1. Your Partner Always Tries To Make You Feel Guilty

Your partner always tries to blame you for what happens in your relationship. As a result, you often feel like you need to explain something, even though you shouldn’t.

Your clever manipulator doesn’t want to take responsibility. He or she will do anything to make you feel guilty, thus achieving your own goals.

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