7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

All vitamins are essential for the body to perform an incredible amount of daily functions. Behind good vision, an effective reproductive system, and healthy skin lies vitamin A. It’s present in a wide variety of foods but the risk of having a deficiency of it exists, mainly in pregnant mothers, babies, and children in the early stages of growth.

The Elite Indian wants to inform you about some physical signs that could indicate the presence of a vitamin A deficiency in the body. Don’t miss the bonus feature at the end where we’ll recommend useful foods that can help you enrich your diet.

1. Dry skin

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the main elements the body needs to repair skin tissue and in turn, keep it hydrated. A very common symptom of a vitamin A deficiency is the appearance of eczema, which occurs when the skin becomes so dry that it gets reddish in color as if you were injured. It also gets very itchy.

2. Night blindness

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

The following signal is one of the most frequent. Also known as nyctalopia, this is an eye problem that makes it difficult to see in the dark. In dimly lit environments, the acuity that the eye system should have is weakened and it becomes impossible to process dark images.

3. Acne

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

As mentioned above, vitamin A is one of the great repairers of skin tissue. In the absence of it, the face can become dry and due to this, produce excessive oil which can trigger the appearance of pimples. This is why vitamin A can be used to treat acne-related problems.

4. Problems with conception

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

If you’re having trouble conceiving, a lack of vitamin A could be the cause. Reproductive systems of both men and women work best if vitamin A is consumed. Eating foods rich in vitamin A can promote fertility. In addition, pregnant women should include it in their diets, as pregnancy loss has been linked to a vitamin A deficiency.

5. Poor wound healing

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

The body tends to heal wounds in a short time thanks to the production of collagen. This protein is found in healthy organisms and thanks to it, skin and blood can remain healthy. Vitamin A helps to produce it. So if you notice that your skin is having trouble healing wounds, you should check to see if you’re eating enough foods with vitamin A, such as carrots, oranges, milk, and red meat.

6. Slow growth

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

This is one of the signs we should pay the most attention to, especially in babies and children. It’s important to consume vitamin A from the third month of pregnancy and to give it to the child during their first years of life. It’s responsible for the development of the child’s eyesight and immune system as well as the growth of the child’s body and physical changes in the mother.

7. Dry eyes

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

One of the most important signs of this deficiency is the inability to produce tears and moisturize the eyeball. If this discomfort persists, it can lead to the total weakening of the corneas and loss of sight.

Bonus: foods in which you can find vitamin A

Include the following foods in your diet and you will notice changes in your body quickly!

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin A

  • Eggs: A boiled egg contains 8% of the vitamin A that we should consume daily.
  • Salmon: In 100 grams there is 149% of the vitamin A needed in a day.
  • Spinach: In a cooked cup there is 105% of vitamin A.
  • Sweet potato: It’s one of the best sources of vitamin A because in a single cup there’s 122% of what we need to consume daily.
  • Carrots: In a cup, there’s 148% of the vitamin.

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