500-Kg Egyptian Woman Reaches Mumbai For Bariatric Surgery

36-year-old Eman Ahmed, possibly the heaviest woman in the world at 500kg arrived in Mumbai on the wee hours of Saturday. A special crane was used by the hospital to carry her bed inside the structure, prepared according her treatment needs.

The modified Airbus 300-600 of Egyptair landed on 4.10am as scheduled. Eman, along with her sister exited from gate number 5, which is a cargo section of the international airport. Officials then loaded the specially designed bed of Eman on an open truck which was escorted by an ambulance and police van to Saifee Hospital.

Doctors from the hospital said that Eman’s journey took five hours to reach Mumbai from her hometown in Egypt and no medical complications occured during the flight. Two doctors had accompanied Eman from Egypt to India.

Top officials including Egyptian consulate general Ahmed Khalil were present at the spot until Eman was safely admitted in the hospital. Considering her special requirements a crane was called to lift her bed to the first floor of the hospital to a social facility, especially designed for treatment and surgical interventions of Eman. The bed had hooks on all sides so that it could be lifted with the help of sturdy ropes.

Officials from the hospital said that Eman was safely admitted in the hospital and soon an extensive line of treatment that is slated to continue for next six months including several surgeries will start. The hospital will be treating Eman for free for both the treatment and surgeries.

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