5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

All of us have this friend: every time you visit their place, they have everything sorted out perfectly, all the dishes are super clean, and there is no dust anywhere. We often think that you have to be talented to keep your home this clean, but it is not always like that.

The Elite Indian has collected some basic tips from people that treat cleanliness as a useful skill.

1. There is a difference between neatness and cleanliness.

5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

Your home may be perfectly clean, but it won’t look that way if all the open surfaces have things on them: children’s toys, clothes, piles of books, or papers.

It is incredibly important to keep the place neat and save it from being cluttered. Just think about it: a neat-looking apartment my even be a bit dusty but it’ll still look better than a totally clean, but cluttered, place.

2. No unnecessary stuff

5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

Few people can make their place look OK if they have a lot of things they don’t need.

Don’t bring leaflets to your place. Avoid buying things that you already have: a 3rd hairbrush or a 10th cup, if you understand that you already have enough of them. Don’t buy containers if you don’t know exactly what you are going to store in them. Before you buy a new lamp, make sure you know what to do about the old one.

And in order to truly understand if you need something, take it and ask yourself if it makes you happy. If it doesn’t, get rid of it right away.

3. A box for the things that are not where they should be

5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes, guests show up when we least expect them. And instead of trying to hurry up and make the place clean, put all the things that are just lying around into a special “critical” box. When the guests leave, sort that box out.

If you use this trick, you will never have to ask yourself, “Where did I put the iron?”

4. Check the room before leaving.

5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

Get into this habit: when you leave the room, take one thing that doesn’t belong there with you. It may be dirty cups, books, or clothes that need to get washed.

This way, your apartment will start to look much better and you won’t even notice it.

5. Cleaning as a way to relax and get distracted

5 Simple Secrets of a Clean Home From Professionals

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It’s a great habit to use when you need to think over some questions or just calm yourself down by organizing the things around you. When doing a bit of cleaning up, you are essentially sorting out the thoughts in your mind after a difficult work day.

If you turn your chores into a relaxing ritual, it is good both for the house and for your psychological health.

Do you have any other simple tips to make sure your home is always clean? Share them with other readers!

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