44 YO Indian Engineer (And Internet Comedian) Hilariously Recreates Famous Celeb Pics

If Chetan Bhagat’s books and social media have taught us anything, it is to not underestimate engineers! If they want, they can pretty much conquer the world (Exhibit A: Elon Musk). Who knows, maybe they will one day. And one of these engineers, Just Sul, is already dominating the celeb scene with his crazy antics!

Once a mechanical engineer, he’s now an internet sensation with millions of followers. Ladies and gentlemen, haaaaaaaave you met Just Sul?

Chances are, you probably have. You might’ve seen him flitting across your social media feeds, whackily dressed up as some famous celebrity, attempting to imitate them with hilarious results!

This 44-year-old, whose actual name to this date remains a mystery, used to be a resident of Mumbai, India, before he shot to fame with his parody vines and videos. Post his success, he shifted base to UAE.

From Britney Spears, to Lionel Messi to Kim Kardashian, Just Sul has parodied iconic pictures/moments of a host of celebs and his craziness has the internet cracking up every single time!

He recreates them, turns them into parody sketches, and even makes memes featuring himself! How cool is that, right? Not to mention, his captions are equally cackle-inducing; he’ll often tag the celeb he is imitating or ask his followers to do it for him.

Take a whiff of that Just Sul whackiness, would ya?

1. He sure keeps up with the Kardashian pregnancies!

2. Justin v/s JustIndian and Beliebers v/s Bellybers!

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Tag friends & say nothing 🐣@justinbieber

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3. Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang got some competition!

4. Did he Messi-t up? Hell yeah!

5. Anyone for some Peek-a-boo with Lil Yachty?

PS: Dig the hair!

6. When someone asked Just Sul to what his weekend plans were…. #BestWeekndEver

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Happy Weeknd meme ✌🏾

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7. Move over SaltBae, SultBae is here!

In fact, his impression has even gotten him to meet the real SaltBae!

8. When you want a six-pack like Lazar Angelov so you go on a diet… of buns?

9. It’s Britney, bitch!

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Profile pic vs. Real life 💁🏾 @britneyspears

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10. Just Sul knows when Drake’s Hotline Bling!

Don’t take Just Sul for your regular phool! Here’s a sweet Valentine’s Day message for couples from him!

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