20+ Behind-the-Scenes Shots That Show a New Side of Hollywood

The cinema world is true magic. The most good-looking actors can turn into monsters, the things that look small on the screen can be really big in real life, and nowadays, it’s almost impossible to distinguish computer graphics from reality.

The Elite Indian decided to peek behind the curtains of movie production and share the most interesting photos of the industry with you.

This guy has a wonderful job:

The cloak is not real!

It looked like pure graphics in the movie, but in reality, this monster exists and it’s huge.

It had to explode anyways.

A freshly-painted silicone newborn baby

Skillful hands can turn a beautiful girl into an ugly creature.

The moment when an actor has to imagine snakes:

There’s something magical about how they disguise real hair.

To animate a big gorilla, some tricks should be applied.

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Day 1. Kicking off production. #RAMPAGE. In our story we have three animals (gorilla, crocodile and a wolf) who fall victim to evil genetic editing, rapidly changing every strand of their DNA so they grow, evolve and mutate. Everything becomes amplified.. their size, strength, speed, agility.. and violent aggression. One of the animals infected – a rare Albino gorilla named, George, is my best friend. George, is played by 6'9 @tallie7487, (Jason Liles, pictured here). Jason has been studying gorillas for months now preparing for this motion capture role. Gorilla movements, body language, and all emotions – joy, pain, sadness, love, aggression etc. It's insane when you get around this man and how he's able to brilliantly embody a gorilla. This is the most fascinating advanced VFX/motion cap process I've ever worked with in my career. Incredible learning curve for me. We have the best mo-cap team in the world (WETA Digital) working on our gigantic RAMPAGE MONSTERS and you'll get a taste of this new technology in the upcoming WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES as well as James Cameron's AVATARS. With all the cool advanced technology in our movie, the #1 thing you're gonna experience when you watch it, is FUN. Because when my best friend, George no happy, then me no happy. And when me no happy.. bad people become our lunch. #Day1 #KickingOffProduction #RAMPAGE🦍

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When my bestie, George (an extremely rare Albino silverback) gets hangry. Hungry + angry. Blown away by this technology. Makin' a cool movie for you guys here on set of #Rampage. When George (and a crocodile and grey wolf) are infected they grow at a rapid rate to gigantic proportions rampaging across the country. In this scene our Oscar winning Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, Avatar etc) is using their ground breaking "performance capture" to bring "George" the Silverback to life. It uses over 30 special cameras to "see" the performance of my co-actor @tallie7487 allowing the digital artists to make the most realistic and badass animations possible. He's wearing a "facial capture helmet" and we can record every muscle movement and expression and emotion of George as goes on a rampage. Jason studied gorillas for months preparing for this performance capture role – facial expressions, sounds, habits and emotions. Spectacular performance. What a learning curve for me and such a pleasure to help produce these amazing artists who come to set daily to be game changers. More to come. Amazing technology. #WETADigital #Hydraulx #Rampage #MyHangryBestFriend

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Not all the costumes can be physically created, so actors have to act in this.

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#MakingofMonday Man of Steel

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While a cameraman can look like a real Robocop.

To shoot a killer whale, you need not one, but actually one and a half of a killer whale.

This monster is also “real.”

An unexpected city landscape

A small copy of a tank for an Indiana Jones’ movie

Shooting on a run is some sort of adventure in itself.

While looking for a right angle, huge constructions can be built.

Made-up characters can be amazingly realistic when necessary.

The ring from The Lord of the Rings in its actual size

Actors can mess with each other during breaks.

Which would you choose: super realistic graphics or reality? Tell us in the comments below!

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