15 Super Crazy Things We Do With Our Best Friends Around

BFFs are like our soul mates. They never judge you, stand by your side through highs and lows and are a part of all your silly ideas all throughout your life. Your closest buddies are the ones in front of whom you can behave the way you want. There is no way you can feel shy or embarrassed, and are your craziest best with them.

Here are a few silly and crazy things we can always do with our best friends:

1. There always exists a code language between you and your close buddies.

What else will make gossiping about the person next to you easy?

2. Sit next to them while they are busy doing an important assignment for you.

I know you will complete the project, till then let me munch in some popcorn.

3. Have an unending session of all sorts of crap jokes.

Who else will listen to the crap and keep it a secret too.

4. Share the wildest dream or fantasy without worrying about them judging you.

I dream of going to the moon, buddy! Well, you know how much it means to me.

5. Discuss absolutely everything, and in the minutest details.

Gossip, gossip all the time, but you know it is important for me to share!

6. You do not shy away to change clothes in front of each other.

Well, I liked the tee you bought yesterday, let me try!

7. Disturb them, especially when they are doing something important.

Shoo away, mate!

8. Sing or dance in the nastiest manner.

The right moves, ahhhh, who cares.. I am in the mood to dance and sing.

9. Fart and burp without thinking twice.

Let’s have a fart fight buddy, let’s see who wins.

10. Eat their share of food too.

Hey, your food looks yummy, let me try.

11. Try a lot of so called ‘forbidden’ things together.

We are 18 now, time to try our first mug of beer.

12. Every occasion, needs to have your secret dance ritual.

Woohoo, I scored a first, and there you go clapping and dancing like no one else.

13. You mobile is filled with selfies of you.

Babes, time for a selfie, lets post on FB and see how many people become jealous.

14. Feeling emotional, you know whom to talk to.

I just had a break up girl, my life is devastated!

15. Understand what’s going on, just by looking at each other.

Close friends make us feel most comfortable and let us be the person we are.

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