12 Unfortunate Indian Names You’ll Feel Glad Your Parents Didn’t Name You

Indian names are very tongue twisting, unimaginable, and mostly related to anything ancient to the parent’s knowledge. And when it comes to giving the nick names to the kids, 4 out of 10 kids would be Pintu, and the other 6 would be anyone between chintu, monu, sonu, or golu.

But, sometimes people even cross this fine line of being funny in their name to having their names become the prime element of being bullied. But anyway, they do come into the limelight. Not sure if its positive or not.

So, here are 12 of the most hilarious Indian names which will make you feel glad for not having them as your parents.

1. This lady might suffer a lot of behind problems.

2. Kitna Maare?

3. Have some mental problems exploding in your head… The right place for you.

4. The spicy Valentine

5. Bond… JamesBond( Without space)

6. This kid is an adult right from birth.

7. Atleast his research did not include World War II.

8. Look for the first and the third name in the list behind… LOL!

9. The wrong profession or trying to be the vaccine?

10. I wont be consulting with this doctor ever.

11. Well this one is qualified.

12. The correct place to invest.

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