11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

The average person spends up to 1 hour and 42 minutes in the bathroom, or nearly 92 days over a lifetime, according to a survey. So it’s natural to want our bathrooms to be cozy and inviting. Unfortunately, there are many things that can single-handedly ruin the bathroom experience and make it that one room in the house that you don’t want other people to see.

The Elite Indian put together a list of the most common bathroom design mistakes to avoid and tips on how to do that.

1. Plastic shower curtain

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

According to a designer, it’s easy to go wrong with a shower curtain: “too many frills, crazy, annoying patterns, or anything that needs special care is a problem.” In the case of plastic curtains, they look a bit cheap, which brings down the overall ambiance of the room. Nylon or water-resistant fabrics are better options in this case.

2. Small sink

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

We get it, small bathrooms don’t allow for massive objects, but there are ways to figure out a sink option that won’t leave your entire surroundings soaked. For example, it’s advised to go for a rounder sink — it’ll save space and prevent you from bumping into corners.

Also deeper sinks can be real life-savers. They will allow for you to get more sink area, without having to sacrifice bathroom space.

3. Color-clashing on the walls

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

It’s very easy to overdo it with colors in your bathroom. And because of the room’s size, you need to be careful with the color scheme. First of all, it’s better to avoid any muddy yellow or brown tones, because they create the wrong associations. Second, don’t be afraid of plain white. It can open up the space up and one designer says: “Hotels use it exclusively because it communicates cleanliness.”

4. Carpet where there shouldn’t be one

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

Carpets aren’t a good idea for a bathroom in general as they are “a magnet for moisture and its by-products.” So if you’re keeping your floor clean, then do the same with the toilet cover. You don’t need more spots that need extra cleaning in your bathroom than you already have.

5. Bad lighting

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

Nobody likes being in a small and dim space, and your bathroom doesn’t have to be like that! A designer advises that you not be stingy with your lights: “You want a few different sources of lighting to make the room pretty, but also functional.”

Position is also key, you don’t want the light to get in the way of, for example, shaving or applying makeup. The expert notes: “It’s important that there is some light between your face and the mirror. If you’re just backlit, you wind up with your face in a shadow.”

6. Messy towel drying rack

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

If you don’t have enough space for a drying rack, things can get messy. Instead of going wide, opt for vertical racks with several tiers. Or you can go for a multi-rail towel storage that can fit neatly on the side of your sink and let your towels dry without touching.

Another option would be to install drying racks on the back of the bathroom door for maximum space and efficiency.

7. There’s no place to store toiletries

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

We’ve all been guilty of stacking our things around a sink at one point of our lives. Sure it allows for faster access, but it’s impossible to count how many times stuff has fallen in and gotten wet. If your bathroom doesn’t allow for additional cupboards, you can arrange a vanity under your sink. It can even be floating, so that it doesn’t look as massive and so that it creates a cool look in your bathroom.

8. Exposed shower pipes

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

If your shower pipe isn’t the most pleasant thing to look at, you can always go for fixed shower heads. It’ll require some plumbing work, but the end result will be more than worth it and make your bathroom look especially high-end.

9. A tacky bath mat

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

When choosing a bath mat you’ll have to combine both functionality and style. It’s also acceptable to have several bath mats if your space allows for it. In this case, you’ll have more freedom in choosing something you like.

Look for non-slip and water-absorbent mats to put next to a bath or a shower. Rubberized fabric is very efficient and comfortable in this case. But if your heart calls for something fluffier, you can put a small rug next to the sink, it doesn’t have to absorb water as well as the mat, but you’ll appreciate the soft touch under your feet every morning.

10. Small mirrors

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

Bad mirrors are the absolute bane of anyone’s existence. First of all, aside from spending every morning getting ready in the mirror, we often go into the bathroom to ’fix’ ourselves. Second, mirrors are supposed to bounce the light and make your bathroom look more spacious. Say no to aesthetically unpleasant small mirrors with fancy frames and opt for plain ones.

Mirrors are when you go for function over fashion. When positioning the mirror, account for your family’s average height. It should either match or be slightly bigger than the size of your sink. Lastly, it’s advised to hang the mirror 5″ to 10″ inches above the sink to avoid splatters and damage from dampness.

11. Dead plants

11 Things That Make Our Bathrooms Look Awful

Houseplants give bathrooms a special vibe. If you’re not great at decorating, then plants are the best way to go to make the space look more exotic and homey.

However, you need to choose your plants carefully, to avoid them dying one after the other in your often damp bathroom. Some of the houseplants that will flourish in moisture include ferns, bamboo, cyclamen, and others.

Which feature ruins the bathroom interior the most for you? What are some of your favorite ideas on how to improve a bathroom?

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