11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

Our body contains more microbes——bacteria, viruses, fungi——than stars in the Milky Way, which are working to keep our bodies healthy. When the good microbes are attacked we need to boost them, for example, by improving our immune systems with coconut oil or removing the build-up of bad microbes that cause foot fungi with vinegar.

In order for you to stay on top of your game, here at The Elite Indian we are sharing 11 pro tips for you to add to your body care collection. While on the surface they might appear a bit out there, upon further inspection, they contain beauty and health secrets that work wonders for your body.

1. Add this Korean facial beauty tip to make your skin look great.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

The perhaps bizarre beauty trend of Jamsu, from Korea, involves dunking one’s head in cold water, which promises to hold your makeup in place while giving you a matte appearance. After applying your makeup, spread a layer of talcum powder on top before submerging your whole face into a sink or bowl of cold water for 15-30 seconds, depending on how dry your skin is.

Not only does this technique give your makeup a matte aesthetic, but the cold water will help to keep your skin tight and radiant.

2. Apply roll-on deodorant to a mosquito bite to curb the itching.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

This surprising tip will stop the uncomfortable experience of itchy mosquito bites. Although it is not a preventative against being bitten, it will lessen the discomfort after being bitten.

By simply applying a roll-on antiperspirant deodorant to the bite area, the swelling and pain will go down in no time. The aluminum chloride in the deodorant will reduce the swelling and ease the pain of these irritating bites.

3. Get rid of foot odor with a vinegar and water foot bath.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

Foot odor is something that is very common, especially in hot weather. It is symptomatic of bacteria and foot fungi, which thrives in warm and damp conditions. An easy way to tackle odor is to soak your feet in a 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water solution for 20 minutes. This should be effective at reducing the bacteria that is causing the smell.

Depending on the odor level, you can soak as often as once per day or as infrequently as once per week to keep your feet fresh and disinfected. However, if you have any open sores or cuts on your feet, then you are not advised to soak them in a vinegar solution.

4. Use this gentle baking soda and water exfoliator for self-tanning mistakes.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

During those months when you may want to boost your tan at home with a tanning product, we have an easy tip for getting rid of any mistakes. When inconsistencies and streaks occur after you self-tan, baking soda can help without causing any skin irritation.

Simply mix water and baking soda into a thick paste and apply it by rubbing in circular movements to the areas you wish to lighten or remove. Because self-tanners dye the outer layers of the skin, this exfoliator will safely get rid of the tan by removing these surface-layer skin cells.

5. Try using this non-oily, non-sticky flaxseed hair moisturizer and gel.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

We all have those bad hair days when no matter what we do, our hair looks tired and we just can’t control it. This natural gel is perfect for giving you healthy strong hair, while moisturizing your scalp.

Being high in nutrients like vitamin B, magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed gel works wonders for giving curls definition without flakes, and combating frizziness, dryness, and split ends.

Simply boil the seeds in water for up to 10 minutes before separating the seeds from the gel with a sieve. If you find it is too thick to sieve, add more hot water to the pan. Apply the gel to your damp hair after showering and massage into your scalp to moisturize it. It is a great hair treatment for all hair types, giving it shine and volume.

6. Try drinking fresh ginger tea after exercising to ease soreness the next day.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

We have all experienced the pain of waking up with aching muscles after a workout, however this healthy tip will help with the pain, thanks to the anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger. This means that it will ease the muscle pain associated with exercise and recreation, while giving your body a healthy boost.

All you have to do is boil chopped ginger root on the stove for 10-15 minutes after your workout to ease the next day’s pain. Drink 2-3 cups to feel the full benefits by simply adding more water and reboiling the ginger.

7. Whiten your nails by using natural oregano essential oil.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

It is normal for nails to yellow from time to time, the most common cause being a bacterial infection. To help to whiten your nails, it’s recommended to apply oregano oil to them.

Because of the antimicrobial properties of oregano oil, it is known to kill and stop the growth of microbial bacterial infections, which cause yellowing. Apply the essential oil twice a day, once in the morning and once again before bed.

8. Add coconut oil to your morning coffee for numerous health benefits.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

This quick and easy tip will help to keep you healthy while giving you a morning energy lift. Simply add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your morning coffee to stabilize your blood sugar levels from the start of your day, as well as to give your immune system a boost.

Coconut oil is accredited with many health benefits from promoting healthy hair and skin to balancing blood pressure levels. So next time you reach for the sugar, try some coconut oil instead!

9. Consume more nutrients with freshly frozen fruit and veggies.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

It is crucial for us to consume the recommended nutrients from our meals to maintain a healthy and strong body. Surprisingly, frozen fruit and vegetables have been found to have a higher nutritional content than perishables, as the vitamins are ’locked’ into them when frozen.

Unlike fresh fruit and veggies which have been transported from the field to the store over a few days or weeks, frozen fruit and vegetables have the nutritional content of freshly picked and collected produce. Another benefit is the shelf-life of frozen produce in comparison with fresh perishables, meaning you can cut down on food waste at the same time!

10. Try using these everyday household objects for a body massage.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

The following 3 household items can help you relieve your aches and pains without leaving the comfort of your own home or even your desk. A rolling pin can be used to alleviate muscle aches in your legs, especially your thighs, by simply rolling the pin along the muscle to loosen it and increase blood flow to the area.

Another useful object is a tennis ball, which can help with foot massages by placing it in the arch of your foot while rocking it slowly with applied pressure. It is a great one to do at our desk because you don’t even need to move from your seat. You can also try rolling the tennis ball across your back or chest by standing up against a wall to reach muscles that are, perhaps, more difficult to access on your own.

Third, 2 tennis balls in a sock are a good back massager to help reduce pain. Simply place each ball on either side of your spine and gently roll it up and down your back, or keep it in place with your chair while seated at your desk to relieve your muscle pain.

11. Apply lotion to your back with our DIY tip.

11 Strange Body Care Tips That Actually Work Wonders

We have all have that point in the middle of our back that we just cannot reach on our own, no matter how much we stretch. Fear not, we have a solution for this inconvenience when it comes to applying lotions and creams.

Why not try using a fresh paint roller to evenly distribute your creams by simply applying some onto the roller and spreading it across your shoulder blades and middle back. This will give you a more even coverage than by hand, as well as cutting out the hassle.

Do you have any body care tips that you stand by, no matter how strange they may sound? We would love to hear them. Just tell us in the comments below!

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