Andhra Pradesh Couple Seen Hugging On A Moving Bike, Arrested After Video Surfaces

PDA stands for public display of affection. In simpler words when couples hold hands or exhibit affection towards each other in public places it can be considered as PDA. It is not an uncommon thing and there is nothing bad about expressing your love for your partner. But as they say, there is a limit to everything.

A couple in Andhra Pradesh took this to another level, so much so, that they were ready to risk lives. The couple was seen hugging each other on a moving bike. Watch the viral video here.

Andhra Pradesh couple arrested for hugging on a moving bike

A video of a young Andhra Pradesh couple hugging on a moving motorcycle went viral on social media. The video eventually lead to their arrest.

The boy in the video, identified as Ajay Kumar, is 22 years old and is shown hugging a 19-year-old woman who has since been identified as a Chodavaram resident named K Shailaja. The video is thought to have been recorded on Visakhapatnam’s Steel Plant Road.

As seen in the video, the woman is seated on the bike’s fuel tank. The man is driving the bike while seated in the driver’s seat and the girl is hugging him from the front. It is not only a bizarre way to travel but also a life risk. Two-wheelers should always be driven carefully. The man is also not wearing a helmet.

@VizagNewsman shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Lovers over action in Visakha. Broad daylight demolition on steel plant main road. Young man driving without helmet. Locals were shocked to see the mischievous behavior of the student wearing the college uniform.”

The couple was arrested

Another traveller managed to capture the young couple’s extraordinary public display of passion on camera, and that is now making the rounds on social media.

However, the two were charged with careless driving, and the Steel Plant Police impounded the car. Sections 336, 279, 132, and 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act have been the subject of a police report.

The parents of the couple were contacted and given advice. CH Srikanth, the police commissioner of Visakhapatnam, urged people to obey traffic laws and warned of serious penalties, including the seizure of their vehicles if they did not.

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